Tunisia Heritage Day

Tunisian Heritage Day 29th April 2018

This event was jointly organised by the Training in Action project (especially the KCL team), as part of the 27th session of the Tunisian Heritage Month under the theme ‘Universal Values of Tunisian Cultural Heritage’ in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP). It took place at the site of Iunca, where we ran most of our fieldwork training, in April 2018,

At the end of the first year of the project there was a meeting with the trainees to evaluate the progress of their mini-projects and select the advanced trainees. During this we planned, organised and implemented an event called ‘Tunisian Heritage Day’. The main aim of this event was to celebrate the tangible and intangible heritage of the site of Iunca and to involve the local community in promoting and protecting our cultural heritage. Planning for the event was done in coordination between Hiba Alkhalaf, Will Wootton and Ammar Othman from the INP with the assistance of the rest of the TinA team. Posters and leaflets about the project and its activities were designed, in addition to an exhibition to showcase our work to the local community.

Maps with clues, based on the trainees idea in July 2017, were created, that included the most significant architectural elements of the fort as an outreach activity for the kids; and feedback forms were also created (for adults, children and our participants) that included questions about the significance of the site and their perception of local heritage and the main outcomes of the event.

During this event, we delivered the following activities:

1. Outreach activities at the fort for adults and kids

2. Present a series of short films and a slideshow produced as part of the ‘Training in Action’ project in one of the rooms at the Marabout.

3. An exhibition at the Marabout including an historical overview of the site, Olive Tree photographic exhibition, stalls of traditional crafts and a food/drink reception. In addition, a showcase of local tangible and intangible cultural heritage through food, crafts, music and dance.

This event was covered by one of the reporters from a local News Channel called:

‘Oeil Sur Le Sud Channel ةيرابخلاا بونجلا ىلع نيع ةانق’. This reporter had interviewed the project team, the participants and a few visitors. A film was created and was widely published online and on the officials channel and website of Institut National du Patrimoine (INP).