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Final Events

On 4 November 2019 the Training in Action team held an international conference at the British School at Rome. The presentations and videos illustrated the work of the project, including a video showing interviews with the trainees. The conference was in English and Arabic, with simultaneous translation available for all attendees. Representatives from Libyan and Tunisia were there, as well as representatives from the Italian, French, German, American and Polish Missions working in Libya and Tunisia. In addition, ICOM, ICCROM and UNESCO sent representatives, who expressed their enthusiasm for the project and continued collaborations. The event gave everyone a rare opportunity to discuss and make plans to work ever more closely together to assist Libya and Tunisia in the protection of their cultural heritage.

A second event was held in Tunis on the evening of 5 November, at the British Embassy. All the advanced trainees from Tunisia and Libya travelled to Tunis to receive their certificates from the British Ambassador to Tunis, Louise de Souza, and the British Council officers from Tunisia and Libya, Robert Ness and Ben Lawton. It was a fantastic occasion to celebrate the work of the trainees, and to spend time with them discussing future plans.





Above, images of the event at the BSR, showing the conference, the showing of the film with interviews of the trainees and finally the dinner.

Below, are images of the event at the British Embassy in Tunis.