Throughout the duration of the project, we have organised a number of events, workshops and particpated in seminars and conferences. This is a list of the activities we orgnised:

  1. Paris (June 2018): International Collaborative meeting on Data Protetection and Illicit trafficking of Antiquities.
  2. Tunis (Jan 2019): A Conference at the Institut National de Patrimonie INP
  3. Rome (November 2019): A conference at the British School at Rome
  4. Tunis (November 2019): A ceremony for certificates giving at the British Ambassador Residence.
  5. London (November 2019): An event at King’s College London to present the outcome of the project


A list of seminars and conferences we have participated in:

  1. A conference at the British School at Rome ‘Lost and Found: Places, Objects and People’ Friday 27 October 2017- A paper was delivered by Prof. Anna Leone.
  2. A conference in Tunis ‘Protecting the Past’ 2017, Tunis. A presentation about the project was delivered by Dr. Ammar Othman (INP) and prof. Anna Leone (Durham University)
  3. A public lecture, The 41st session of the Architectural Conservation Masterclass, University of Edinburgh, ‘Training in Action Project’,15th March 2018- delivered by Hiba Alkhalaf.
  4. A conference in Hanoi- Vietnam, the 10th International Symposium of the Thefts and Illicit Traffic of Art, Cultural Property and Antiquities (17-19 October 2018)- deliverd by Prof. Anna Leone and Dr. Marco Nebbia.
  5. A workshop at the University of Portsmouth- School of Architecture, “Making Meaning of Places: Innovative Technologies, Community and Heritage”.July 2019 A presentation about ‘Training in Action project as an example’ was delivered by Dr. Hiba Alkhalaf.
  6. A workshop ‘ Multimethod Approches to Heritage in the Crossfire: An Interdisciplinary workshop on managing heritage in conflict zones‘, 23-24 May 2018, UCL- Institute of Acheology- A presentation about ‘Cultural Heritage Protection and the Role of Local community’ was deliverd by Dr. Hiba Alkhalaf.
  7. A conference, CIfA2019 Archaeology: values, benefit, and legacies- Annual training event and conference, 24-26 April 2019, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds. A presentation was delivered by Trisha Voke about ‘Training in Action- Geophysical Training in Tunisia’.