Mini-projects presentations

During the first three days (29th-31st January) the project team discussed the progress of every mini-project leaving 30 minutes for each presentation from the trainees and 30 minutes of discussion on the progress to date and suggestions for future steps.

Name Institution Mini-project Activities
Ahmed Masoud, Mahmoud Hadia DoA – West (Libya) Tarhuna Survey Field survey and GIS
Mahmoud Hadia, Ahmed Masoud DoA – West (Libya) Lepcis Magna Field survey and GIS
Mahmoud Hadia, Ahmed Masoud DoA – West (Libya) Sabratha Field survey and GIS, Condition & Risk Assessment
Fouad Elgumati DoA – East (Libya) Tocra Field survey and GIS
Rabeea Mansour DoA – East (Libya) Cyrene GIS
Faraj Telawei DoA – West (Libya) Store room of Lepcis Magna, Islamic museum of Tripoli HeDAP
Mohamed Buhlaiga


DoA – East (Libya) Store room of Cyrene HeDAP
Abdulsamad Alshiyin DoA – South (Libya) Germa Outreachs
Hamdan Ben Ramdane INP (Tunisia)


Carthage Field survey and GIS
Nabil Belmabrouk, Nesrine Derbel INP (Tunisia)


Iunca Field survey and GIS, condition assessment, restoration
Nabil Belmabrouk, Nesrine Derbel INP (Tunisia)


Thyna Field survey and GIS, photogrammetry, condition assessment, restoration, outreach
Rached Hamdi


INP (Tunisia)


Thyna, Sfax HeDAP
Rached Hamdi INP (Tunisia) Acholla Oureach
Hajer Krimi INP (Tunisia) El-Djem HeDAP, site management
Hela Mekki, Yacine Lakhal INP (Tunisia) Sidi Moussa el-Jemni


Outreach, photogrammetry, condition assessment, field survey and GIS