October – November 2018

The two-week advanced training was structured as follows: 27th-29th Oct GIS training, 30th Oct-1st Nov photogrammetry and UAV training, and 2nd-4th condition assessment and heritage management training. The aim of this phase of the Training in Action project was to provide an advanced training for the selected trainees, by bringing all the different strands of training together (Survey, GIS, photogrammetry, condition assessment). The objective was to show how they can be integrated for a more complete documentation and assessment of cultural heritage and how this would serve as a better basis for any decision making regarding the different aspects of heritage site management.

Overall, we had a very successful advanced training where various strands of training integrated very well and where the participants demonstrated their grasp of the techniques and approaches discussed. The participants have made good progress with their mini-projects although some more than others, as to be expected. Nevertheless, we are pleased to remark that a good spirit of collaboration and mutual support have been established among the trainees, both Libyans and Tunisians.

  1. Condition Assessment & Action PLans
  2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV and Photogrammetry 
  3. GIS Advanced Training