Paris 06_2018

International Collaborative meeting on Data Protection and security to fight against the illicit traffic of Antiquities

The event was held on 12th June 2018 at ICOM/UNESCO in Paris hosted by ICOM and the discussion was centred around the issues of looting and the need of the creation of a National Museum database using a shared system.

The meeting was attended by:

-Durham University: Anna Leone (Department of Archaeology), Marco Nebbia (Department of Archaeology), John Brennan (Department of Computer Science), Boguslaw Obara (Department of Computer Science);

-the British Council – Cultural Protection Fund: Alexander Bishop and Catriona Macpherson;

-the Institut National du Patrimoine de Tunisie: Faouzi Mahfoudh (Directeur General); Ammar Othman (Charge de Recherches- Sfax);

-the Department of Antiquities of Libya: Mustafa Turjman (Liaison with International Missions); the University of Tarhuna:

-Mftah Hdadd (collaborator with Durham University); the University of Benghazi – Department of Antiquities of Libya

-Ahmed Emrage (elected representative on behalf of the Department of Antiquities of Libya);

-ICOM: France Desmarais;

-UNESCO: Edouard Planche, Samer Abdel Ghafour, Hafed Walda:

-Mission archéologique Française en Libye: Vincent Michel, Morgan Belzic;

-INTERPOL: Corrado Catesi;

-OCBC: Corinne Chartrelle;

-ARCADIA: Maja Kominko.