September 2018

For the September 2018 training session, all the participants were acquainted with the principles of field survey and with its broader scope. In the field, some were more practical than others, but there was mutual support among the participants also between Tunisian and Libyan trainees. There was also training in HEDAP.

On the GIS, it is clear that some have been using the software before, however, everyone showed interest and seemed appreciative of the use and utility of such piece of software for the daily workload. Different skill levels turned out to be an incentive for helping each other rather than remark the difference even more – also between Tunisian and Libyan colleagues. Participants were in general interested also in other uses of GIS within archaeology, beyond the specific application to the field survey. This has been stressed and highlighted during the course of the two week also with the presentation of applications of GIS in different archaeological contexts.

  1. HeDAP and Mini Projects
  2. Field Survey & GIS