Theme 2 – Integrated methodology

Theme 2 – Integrated methodology (GIS, Photogrammetry and Condition Assessment)

These projects used the skills acquired during the heritage management training which focused on conducting condition, risk and value assessments to sites and buildings, followed by the prioritization of possible interventions. The approach was integrated with GIS and photogrammetry to produce new documentation, enhance the assessments, and aid monitoring.

In total, 9 projects used our integrated methodology: 5 in Tunisia and 4 in Libya. Each project created a team and transferred skills to their colleagues which relate to photogrammetry, condition assessment, GIS, and outreach activities. The total number new colleagues who have been trained by our advanced trainees is 14. The condition assessment conducted at 2 World Heritage sites in Libya, Sabratha and Lepcis Magna, were included in the ‘State of Conservation’ Report submitted to UNESCO in February 2019. As a result of the mini projects, emergency interventions have taken place at two sites in Tunisia: Sidi Moussa El Jemni and Ad Aquas.