Tunis Conference 01_2019

Institut National de Patrimoine INP- Tunis 22-23 January 2019

The Training in Action conference at the INP brought together the local partner institutions Institut National de Patrimoine INP in Tunisia and the Department of Antiquities in Libya. The two-days conference invited our trainees to present the progress of their work and results of their mini-projects, and to ensure the full support of the planned activities.

There were 33 mini projects conducted by our trainees during the years (2017-2018). We have grouped their presentation in four sessions following these themes:

Session 1- Archaeological Survey for mapping and protecting new sites;
Session 2- Integrated methodology (GIS, Photogrammetry and Condition Assessment);
Session 3- Awareness raising and outreach activities;
Session 4- HeDAP/National Museum database.

This conference was an opportunity to showcase their work in front of a wider audience as well as their local authority. The event was covered by local TV reporter TBN, who interviewed the project partners and created a film to promote the work towards documenting and protecting cultural heritage.

Click here to download the programme of the conference Conference INP January 2019- Training in Action.